If you’re a cowgirl who is NOT a fan of all things pink, read on! I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve noticed it’s getting harder and harder to find shirts that aren’t over the top girly. Not all women want to wear bubblegum colored clothing!

In order to save everyone some time, I’ve made a list of the 10 best tees for cowgirls that have little interest in that glamorous life. Which is your favorite?

Feed The World T-shirt, $31; rosebudstees.com.

Cattle Breeds T-shirt, $30; rosebudstees.com.

“Let’er Go” Cowgirl Graphic T-shirt, $29; lilbeesbohemian.com.

Red Bandana Bronc Rider T-shirt, $35; rockinadesign.com.

Farm Wife Farm Hand T-shirt, $28; rosebudstees.com.

Coffee Then Cows T-shirt, $30; rosebudstees.com.

I Loves Jesus but I Cuss at Cattle T-shirt, $32; rockinadesign.com.

Old Burro Traditional Tortillas Graphic T-shirt, $29; lilbeesbohemian.com.

Blaze Your Own Dang Trail T-shirt, $36; rockinadesign.com.

Prison Rodeo T-shirt, $32; rockinadesign.com.