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Photo courtesy of Tombstone.

Tombstone is arguably the most popular Western film ever to be released. Since it first hit the cinema in 1993 until now, the movie has only grown more famous.

While many people have their own special reasons for why they love this film so much, here’s my list of what makes Tombstone the best Western film in history.

1) No other movie has a duo as epic as Wyatt Earp, played by Kurt Russell, and Doc Holliday, played by Val Kilmer.

2) Virgil Earp, played by Sam Elliot, is a force to be reckoned with. How can you not love him?

3) Michael Biehn makes Johnny Ringo a perfectly unlikable villain…and has one of the best lines in the entire movie.

4) The costume designer needs a raise! The entire cast is outfitted in costumes that stay true to what would have actually been worn during the Wyatt Earp era in Arizona.

5) The film isn’t just about a shootout, it’s about how the relationships between characters grow and develop, like the romance between Wyatt and Josephine.

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