Tony Lama, a renowned name in Western footwear, is excited to join the nation in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. This month-long celebration, which runs from September 15 to October 15, is an opportunity to recognize the Hispanic community’s profound culture, historical significance, and invaluable contributions. Tony Lama has launched a special campaign to honor this celebration and showcase the rich heritage and traditions that define their brand.

Tony Lama is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a short film highlighting the Hispanic community. El Hijo De El Paso, which means The Son of El Paso, highlights a charro’s dedication to his craft and legacy, a previous advertising director who helped shape the Tony Lama brand, Tony Lama’s grandson, and artisans from the El Paso factory. These artisans demonstrate pride and dedication in their work, embodying Tony Lama’s legacy. This captivating film, entirely in Spanish with English subtitles, premiered on Friday, September 15 at 7 p.m. CST.

Meet the Artisans featured in El Hijo De El Paso:
● Tomas Garcilazo, Charro On The Road
● Joseph Lama, Head of Purchasing at Tony Lama
● Armando Romero, Former Director of Advertising at Tony Lama
● Robert Torrez, Factory Manager at Tony Lama
● Jesus Campos, Development & Design at Tony Lama
● Claudia Navarro, Quality Inspector at Tony Lama
● Eder Ramirez, Welt Stitcher at Tony Lama

“As a Hispanic myself, it was important to me to get this piece right. I wanted to pay homage to the artisans and the legacy that continues today in the world-renowned brand that is Tony Lama in the shor film El Hijo De El Paso,” says Juan Ojeda, Videographer at Tony Lama. “This film showcases the pride in our roots, our culture, our people, and our boots. You won’t find another group of people who are more proud of their work than those who work at Tony Lama!”

Tony Lama’s Hispanic Heritage Month campaign centers on honoring the Hispanic community’s invaluable contributions to Western culture. The campaign pays tribute to the vibrant customs, artistics expressions, and achievements that have shaped the Western landscape for generations. Tony Lama wants to highlight the community that contributes so much to their brand and respect their values and artisanship. 99% of artisans in their El Paso, Texas factory are Hispanic.

Without their dedication and craftsmanship, Tony Lama would not be the brand it is today. “Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to pay tribute to the multifaceted experiences and immeasurable contributions of the Hispanic community,” said Taylor Morton, Public Relations Manager at Tony Lama. “At Tony Lama, we are proud to honor this celebration and the rich heritage that inspires us with an incredible short film. From the skilled artisans who create our boots to the vibrant traditions that define our artistry, we are honored to showcase our reverence for Hispanic culture.”

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is crucial to Tony Lama’s commitment to cultural recognition. The brand will continue to honor the heritage of the Hispanic community and embrace the diverse experiences that shape Western culture.

Join Tony Lama in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month! Visit to learn more about their campaign and to watch the premiere of El Hijo De El Paso.