Jason Becker custom leather tooled leather blazer cowgirl magazine
Blazer courtesy of Jason Becker Custom Leather……

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Blazer courtesy of Jason Becker Custom Leather.
I’m sure you’ve seen the tooled leather blazers all over different western fashion accounts by now. They are definitely a hot item! But, let’s face it, how often are you going to wear that one specific blazer? You would want a bright color to stand out, but, then again, black is the only thing that really matches absolutely everything. Is it worth spending that much money on it to have the lapels tooled? The answer is YES if you know this tooled leather blazer trick! Here’s why! This red blazer was purchased on Amazon for under $25 and comes in 25 different colors! There are snaps on the back of the leather that attach it to the fabric so you can move the tooled lapels to another blazer that is the exact same cut, just a different color! Problem solved! Want the matching shoes to go along with that blazer from Jason Becker Custom Leather? Click here!