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Tooled leather garters have entered the building. Tulle garters, see your way out.

Wearing a garter is a wedding custom that has stood the test of time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it your own way. While many brides get custom garters, make your custom extra special by going for leather over traditional fabric.

This garter was custom-designed with the initial “W” at the center-front. Can’t you picture your honey’s last initial on yours?

The garter was made by Rafter Lazy R 3 Leather and designed by Bekah Quam,

“I made the garter out of 9oz veg tan leather from Tandy’s,” says Bekah. “The inspiration came from the bride that I made it for; she told me she wanted something more traditional as far as tooling goes, with her upcoming last name initial and turquoise. The shape of it, I designed myself.”

Bekah has been designing since 2018, during a “rough time” in her life. “I’ve always been ‘a crafty grandma’ as people say, and have always had a passion for the western culture, so I decided to give my hand a try at carving leather. When I have a swivel knife in my hand and Dave Stamey on the radio, I’m at a peace that I can’t describe. Every time I make something I learn something new, sometimes at a cost of a ruined piece, but it’s knowledge that I gain. This art has definitely helped me through some rough times, wether that’s financially or just finding that peace and appreciation for the art and other artists.”

Thank goodness for Bekah’s start two years ago; we didn’t know it, but tooled leather garters are exactly what weddings were missing.

If you needed some garter inspo, you’re welcome. Now for some wedding dress inspiration!