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Tool Time With Jason Becker Custom Tooled Leather

Jason Becker Custom Leather stuns again!

September 15, 2017

I personally LOVE custom leatherwork. If you can tool it, then I want it. From high heels, to Sperry’s, and custom purses, standing out is always my goal.

Jason Becker Custom Leather is my go-to whenever I want tooled leather work done. I simply can’t ask for better craftsmanship, quality, and creativity because he has it all.

I own the first pair of tooled heels, as well as Sperry’s, that Jason has ever created… and I love them both! Both of those are pictured above. Check out the latest project I asked him to work on for me.

If this isn’t the prettiest watch band I ever did see! I might be a little biased though because this one is mine. I wish y’all could have seen my reaction when I picked it up. I probably looked like a crazy lady, but it was priceless.

Not wanting to go quite as wild as I did? That’s okay! Jason can literally do anything. Most of the time I give him the most random and crazy description of what I want, and he is still able to see my vision and craft something spectacular.

Contact Jason here.

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Cowgirl Hotlist
Our Newsletter to your inbox every week!