rkleather cowgirl magazine

Rheanne Keller and RKLeather are taking the western fashion industry by storm creating custom leather tooled heels and wedges unlike anything you’ve every seen. By looking at her works of art you woudn’t believe it, but leather work actually wasn’t Rheanne’s first calling: “I grew up in the small town of Rockglen located in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. Immediately after graduation I moved to the United States for schooling and rodeo, starting in Cheyenne, WY and then graduated from McNeese State in Lake Charles, LA with a radiologic sciences bachelors degree(my parents were NOT happy I decided not to use it!) My father has always done leather work and that’s where I picked it up in high school. It was about 1 year ago when I decided to try and make a career out of my talent, starting with doing custom leather work. But the very first pair of shoes I made were for a very close friend, Megan Hanchey who had originally brought the idea to me. Together her and I made a pair of wedges for her to wear to the 2015 NFR back number ceremony. And then last November another very close friend, Danielle Keighley of The Wandering Rose got married. She was indecisive on what to wear for shoes, so I told her that I would make them for her if she wanted, she said yes!.. From there they blew up bigger than I ever would’ve imagined and have been behind ever since! I am currently working on a few surprises and am going to change the way I do things and shoes!”


These bad boys are what first got Rheanne’s name to be the one everyone was chanting. Danielle Keighley of The Wandering Rose wore them on her wedding day and looked absolutely stunning.


These are a spin off of Miss Danielle’s shoes and I am in love. Gorgeous!


It’s almost a bootie, which means more covering your foot, and more room for that beautiful leather tooling.


How about a little more funky flair? These are so fun and perfect if you’re trying to make a statement…..I mean more of a statement then what you’ll already be making in Rheanne’s other shoes!



Classy! So here are the black ones I want…..



WEDGES. I know I’m not the only one that cringes at the thought of having to wear heels sometimes. If you’re not feeling putting in the work it takes to wear heels, wedges it is!