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There’s nothing better than having essential horse information right at your fingertips no matter where you are! Riders and horse owners can grab their phones and have answers to their questions nearly right away. These top apps for your phone will keep you informed even on the go.
  1. Horse Show Tracker – This iTunes app by FunnWare Development will keep you updated with the latest happenings in the show ring. You can find out results, scratches, and the time and location of your class. It’s free through iTunes.
  2. Quarter Horse News: The Stallion Register – The leading stallion resource for those in the western world, this app is a great guide for mare owners. You can locate sire and performance records, as well as hundreds of pedigrees. It is available for free through iTunes.
  3. Horse Side Vet Guide – Horse owners can now search a growing database of equine health information. You can search for answers to your health questions while standing right next to your horse. The app costs $4.99 for your iPhone or Android phone.
  4. SmartBlanket – You no longer have to wonder if today is a medium or heavy blanket kind of day. This app for your iPhone and Android will let you know what blanket to put on based on your individual horse and local weather.
  5. Healthy Horse – Developed by Regents of the University of Minnesota, this app allows riders to find out their horse’s weight through a series of measurements. The ideal body weight for Arabians, ponies, and stock breeds is provided so owners can better manage food intake. Find this app through iTunes for $1.99.
As technology continues to improve, even those in the horse industry can stand to benefit. These apps for your phone will ensure you have the information you need and when you need it. What is your go to horse app?