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Cowgirl Hotlist

Equi-Stat has been tracking the best barrel racers, horses, owners and breeders since 1985. They recently published the results for the last ten years. This decade proved to be an exciting one! If you follow the sport, then you’ve likely heard these names mentioned quite a bit.

Top 10 Barrel Racers Over 10 Years

  1. Lisa Lockhart – $2,508,764
  2. Kassie M Mowry – $2,474,518
  3. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi – $2,145,729
  4. Hailey L Kinsel – $1,770,736
  5. Jolene Lynne Montgomery – $1,656,364
  6. Sherry Jane Potter Cervi – $1,472,774
  7. Ryann L Pedone – $1,267,405
  8. Peter M Oen – $1,167,508
  9. Brandon D Cullins – $1,129,660
  10. Hallie D Hanssen – $1,117,538

Marne Loosenort and Ivy L Conrado Saebens were close to making the top 10 list!

These barrel racers are inspirational. They’ve been consistently running fast times and ranking high. This sport takes a whole lot of determination and dedication! They deserve a round of applause.