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Many riders choose to leave their horse barefoot. Not only is it more natural, but your horse’s hooves may toughen up and expand. When riding barefoot horses on rough terrain, hoof boots can be used to provide support and comfort. They’re essentially footwear for horses much like sneakers for people.

Why Hoof Boots?

  • They’re a good replacement for traditional shoes.
  • Useful in transition periods from metal shoes to barefoot.
  • Provide hoof support for those entering harder work.
  • Offer pain relief from conditions like laminitis.
  • Protects their hooves on rocky trail rides.
  • Can be used temporarily when a shoe falls off.
  • Allows you to apply medicine and keep the hoof clean.
  • They have greater shock-absorbing features.
  • In the long-run, they’re cheaper than metal shoes.

Ultimately, hoof boots are great at offering protection and comfort. Your barefoot horse will be happier to ride on aggressive terrain. You’ll find they’re easy and quick to fit. They’re a wonderful alternative to traditional shoes.