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A horse grazing with their muzzle on. Photo by GG Equine.……

Many horse are unable to handle grazing on lush pasture. They will suffer numerous digestive disorders and diseases, including colic, laminitis, and obesity. Grazing muzzles are a good solution! You no longer need to isolate your horse in a dry lot or stall. They can go out with the herd and live happily.

Benefits of Grazing Muzzles

  • Limits grass intake by upwards of 80%.
  • Reduces your horse’s chances of colicing or experiencing digestive disorders.
  • Prevents your horse from becoming overweight.
  • Lowers your horse’s risk for laminitis and equine metabolic syndrome.
  • Your horse no longer has to live in a dry lot or stall, which allows them to socialize with the herd and exercise.
  • Many are lightweight and easy to put on.

Grazing muzzles are a great tool for weight management! Many miniature horses and ponies need them. If you’re worried about your horse becoming overweight or developing laminitis, then you should definitely consider using one.

GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle, $99.95, GG Equine

There are many different options of grazing muzzles on the market. This basket-style one by GG Equine allows your horse to breathe easily. They’re lightweight and durable. You simply attach it to your horse’s halter. There are other ones that include the headpiece.

By using one, you could be saving your horse’s life!