Being a great rider is more than just having lots of experience, though that helps! These riders have a special way about them. They understand their horse and become true partners when they climb into the saddle. You can’t help but watch this team in awe.

Qualities of a Great Rider

  • They strive for clear communication while riding.
  • These riders don’t take their anger or frustrations out on the horse.
  • Their horse respects and trusts them.
  • They know how hard to push and when to back down.
  • They put their horse’s well-being above all else.
  • Great riders have mastered patience.
  • They’re determined and set realistic goals.
  • These riders are passionate about the sport and ride because they love it.
  • When a problem arises, they don’t back down instead they solve it.
  • They have a certain level of fitness that makes riding easy.
  • They’re always willing to learn more!
  • In difficult situations, they stay calm and collected.
  • They know how to use their body to encourage and support their horse’s movement.
  • They’ve put in the time, which includes riding regularly and getting professional instruction.
  • These riders are couragous and not afraid of a good challenge.

It often takes years to truly understand horses and ride well. If you’re willing to put in the time and practice, then you can be a great rider too!