Cowgirl - Ponies


They come in a smaller package, but never without personality. A pony can be a great addition to the family. Whether you’re a smaller adult or looking for the perfect partner for your child, these top breeds have made notable marks in the horse world. They might be little…but they’re a whole lot of cute!

1. Welsh Pony

Welsh Ponies are not only athletic, but also sturdy and dependable. They should not exceed 13.2 hands. However, they come in all different body types from lean to wide. These ponies have earned their place in the show ring, both in riding and driving classes. Those that own them commonly mention their spirited personalities.

2. Pony of Americas

You’ll be seeing a whole of spots with the Pony of Americas or POA. At one point, the breed consisted of a lot of mixed strains, however, in recent years, the registry has published more specific breed traits. Between 44 and 52 inches, the POA is known for a Quarter Horse body, Arabian face, and Appaloosa coloring. They are used as sport ponies around the world.

3. Shetland Pony

Popular because of their smaller size, Shetland ponies are not only strong, but highly intelligent. While their smarts can make them difficult mounts for children, an obedient Shetland is worth its weight in gold. They average about 40 inches tall. These ponies frequently live over 30 years.

4. Connemara Pony

This elegant breed originates from Ireland. Connemara ponies are extremely athletic and bred for performance. Normally, they average between 13 and 14.2 hands high. This breed features the strength and hardiness of a mountain pony, but with the beauty of an Arabian.

5. Quarter Pony

Good minds and a natural athletic ability make the Quarter Pony a solid choice for serious young riders. Between 46 and 58 inches in size, they are built similar to Quarter Horses. They’re well suited for beginners and experienced riders, as well as children or adults.

There’s no doubt that ponies can make exceptional mounts for children and petite adults. Their quirky personalities will make them amusing around the barn. You’ll be glad you added one to the herd!