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Check out these top tips for successful grilling from Jess Pryles!

What’s your top tip for successful grilling?

“Two zone heat! I always set my grill up with the charcoal to one side to create a hot and cool zone. It’s super handy for thinkings like grilling bacon, so it cooks without burning.

Tips for prepping your meat before it hits the heat?

“For steaks I always pat them dry with a paper towel before going in with seasoning; a dry surface will help encourage a glorious golden curst to develop (it’s called the Maillard reaction). You can also remove meat from the fridge 30 minutes before cooking to take the chill off.

Should you marinate before grilling?

“Marinades are most effective if they contain lots of acid (lemon, vinegar) which can help tenderize the meat. But actually, most marinades have very little uptake into the meat unless injected. I prefer grilling with seasoning, then adding extras afterwards, like a chimichurri or fire roasted salsa.” –Jess Pryles, Hardcore Carnivore