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A track system like Paddock Paradise allows your horse to live more naturally. It also utilizes small acreage to its fullest! In this system, there’s an interior and exterior fence that create a track around the perimeter of your land. In the center, you’ll find grazing land, riding space, or even fields for other animals. It encourages the horse to seek out hay and water, thus moving throughout the day.

Benefits of the Paddock Paradise Track System

  • Provides a stimulating environment
  • Encourages movement
  • Can be used on small acreage
  • Manages grazing land
  • Encourages weight loss
  • Improves hoof health
  • Less dominate horses can still eat
  • Horses enjoy 24/7 turnout

Here’s an example layout:

Photo by: Ecurie du Domaine de Chantemerle

Enjoy this video tour of another Paddock Paradise system.

These track systems can be customized to meet your individual needs and what you have available. Some use a grass track, while others add limestone or gravel. Many incorporate logs and water elements, as well. The options are endless!