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There are numerous facts in the Western world. Horses are expensive. There’s one. Good help is hard to find. That’s another one. To combat these, numerous barns, stables, and trainers offer work-to-ride programs. 

These programs allow those who cannot afford horses to ride to ride, but it also helps barns to find extra help with their chores. 

  • Create a fair deal for both parties involved. Make sure the deal is equal and that everyone is happy with it! This should be helpful for both parties and no one should be taking advantage.
  • Then, write up a contract for the said agreement for both to sign in  the very beginning. This avoids any future drama of disagreement with the trade deal. For example, you can write work time is equal to ride time, so x amount of hours means you can ride for x amount of hours. 
  • Discuss a backup plan if you miss work. Do you wait to ride until the following week? Or do you pull an extra shift the next week? Or do you pay for this week’s lesson? 
  • Do the same above but with the riding side, What happens if you cannot ride a week? Do you not have to work the following or do you receive extra ride time? Try to disclose all possibilities to keep the trade fair. 
  • Remember the agreement is based on working to ride, so be ready and willing to put the work in! Show up with a smile and a good work ethic! 

Happy riding cowgirls!