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The weather is beginning to warm up and you’re eager to hit the trails, but than you realize you have no one to go with. Trail riding can be a lot of fun when you’re in a group and even safer. If you’re on the hunt for a riding buddy check out the following resources to help you locate one.
  • Find A Riding Buddy – This free to use website allows members to create profiles and locate others seeking trail friends. You just enter your zip code and mileage willing to travel to find folks in your community.
  • Riding clubs in your area are a great place to start! 40-Something Cowgirls is the perfect example of women looking to connect with other horse lovers. Chapters are found all over the United States.
  • A competitive trail ride can be a good solution for finding other trail enthusiasts. The National American Trail Ride Conference hosts competitive rides throughout many states.
  • Facebook groups and other online horse forums allow horseback riders to connect easier than ever. Groups can even be found based on location.
  • Look for community horse events like benefit rides or local shows. They can be great places to start up a conversation with a fellow rider.
Those that don’t board with other riders often know the struggle of finding a riding buddy. With a little determination and willingness to put yourself out there, the horse community is filled with friendly people that usually love to connect with others.