PC: Butlerhill Equestrian Center.

Trail obstacle courses push horses and their riders to the ultimate limit. These unique competitions challenge a horse by testing their ability to trust their rider. They must navigate through a series of obstacles by listening very carefully to their rider’s aids. If you’re looking for a fun way to test your horse’s training, here it is!

Bridges come in all different designs. The one above has steps the horse must climb, while the one pictured below has a ramp. Your horse must take steps of faith and courage in order to get up and over these.

PC: Barn Mice.

Log poles make an interesting challenge! Your horse must know where to place their feet in order to avoid hitting the pole. It can get very tricky when there’s a long series of them.

PC: Mark Bolender.

Are you ready for some real excitement? Try dragging a rubber float while going through water. Hopefully your horse isn’t afraid of rope touching their hindquarters or sides.

Water features are a popular obstacle in trail competitions. You can expect to go through at least a small puddle.

PC: Pinterest.

Pool noodles seem to be a favorite on trail courses! Those flimsy foam toys can really give your horse a fright. They’re perfect for desensitizing.

PC: The Canadian Cowboy Challenge.

Some courses may even have a series of rocks laid out. Can your horse navigate successfully through the obstacle? They better know where their feet are at all times!

PC: Pinterest.

And lastly, hold on tight…you’ll likely run into a jump!

PC: Carpe Diem Farm.

It’s time for an adventure! Saddle up and put your skills to the test.