Enjoy the fall season by heading out onto the trails! The scenery this time of year is beautiful. Red, yellow, and orange leaves make for a mesmerizing experience. As a trail rider, it’s important you plan ahead though. There are a number of safety concerns to consider.

Helpful Safety Tips for Fall Riding

Wear bright colors: Neon orange is a safe color to wear. It alerts hunters and hikers that you’re out there.

Consider hanging bells: Little bells that jangle can also alert others that you are on the trail. You can tie them to your horse’s saddle, breast collar, or headstall.

Carry a phone: In the event of an emergency, a cell phone can be very handy for calling someone. It’s a good idea to clip it to your waist or use an arm or thigh Velcro band. If you were to fall and your horse take off, the phone will be with you.

Go slow on uncertain ground: Leaves can cover roots and rocks, so be patient and allow your horse to go slower than normal.

Warm up ahead of time: Before you go on an intense trail ride, make sure you horse is properly warmed up. You’ll want to start with walking for at least 10 minutes. Fall has chilly air!

Put a helmet on: No matter what time of year you ride, wearing a helmet is smart!

Check over tack: Use the fall season to go through your tack and make sure everything is in working order.

Limited daylight: It’s important to know when the sun is setting. You don’t want to be caught out in the dark on an unfamiliar trail.

Feeling fresh: Your horse may be more energetic with the cooler weather. It may be a good idea to ride with a friend or exercise them in an arena before you hit the trails.

What safety advice would you share to fellow riders?

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