Trail Saddles

Serious trail riders need a saddle that’s comfortable for not only them, but their horse too. They may be in the saddle for hours! Long-lasting comfort will allow them to enjoy the scenery. Tucker Saddlery creates just that! Their saddles give you years of satisfaction.

Three great options for those that love the trails!

T60 High Plains Trail, $1,895; Tucker Saddlery

This first option is stylish and comfortable. Notice the gorgeous floral tooling! The High Plains trail saddle is a best-seller. It features a shock-absorbing seat for long hours in the saddle. The 5″ cantle also supports your back. Choose from many different options including the finish color, skirt type, hardware, seat size, and more!

T93 Big Bend Trail, $1,895; Tucker Saddlery

This next option offers a wider seat pocket with a flatter rise, which makes it ideal for larger riders. The Big Bend trail saddle also has a shock-absorbing seat. This saddle was built to last! Durable and made with top quality leather.

T59 Endurance Trail, $1,895; Tucker Saddlery

And lastly, this endurance type is perfect for those that don’t want a horned saddle. It still offers a secure seat, but allows the rider to bend over to avoid low branches. The gel seat makes riding for hours a breeze. Choose your favorite finish and seat size for a more customized feel.

Picking the right saddle can be tough! If you can, try out a few before you make your decision.

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