If you’re like most Heartland fans, then you’re chomping at the bit ready for more! Depending on what streaming services you are subscribed to, you may only have access to season 11 or 12 in the U.S. It can be hard waiting for more to be released, but stay tuned because it’s happening.

Up Faith & Family has shared that beginning February 2020 they will have exclusive access to season 13 of Heartland.

Unfortunately, Netflix is a little further behind. Subscribers won’t see the new season for a while. In fact, season 12 has yet to be released. Netflix will likely release season 12 in the summer of 2020. Cross your fingers it’ll be sooner!

Nevertheless, it’s good to know the show is still going strong. If you’d like a sneak peek at what to expect, then check the official trailer below for season 13. It’s definitely going to be a good one!

You can find out more about this season here: Production Begins For Season 13 Of ‘Heartland’!