Trailer Loading
Trailer Loading
PC: Kate Brady @ Flickr.

It’s no mystery why horse owners continue to struggle with trailer loading. The idea of trapping your horse in a confided space that moves can be extremely frightening to them. Trailering can be dangerous! When you have a reactive horse that doesn’t respect you, you and your horse’s life could be in jeopardy. Follow Clinton Anderson’s advice to have a better experience.

The Story of Star

Clinton uses the story of a difficult to load mare to show his audience how to work on this issue. This horse’s owner describes the mare as very reactive in the trailer. If it is moving she is fine, but once it stops the horse attempts to turn around. Basically, she has trouble standing in the trailer and backing off quietly.

Clinton Steps In

When Clinton gets involved in the situation, he immediately works on gaining the horse’s trust by earning respect first. A respectful horse will trust their owner enough to load. He continuously moves the horse’s feet out of his personal space. Eventually, he brings the horse closer to the trailer and asks the mare to step in.

Watch the video to see how Clinton Anderson solves trailer woes.

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