Cowgirl - Trailer
Cowgirl - TrailerPC: Tom Sayles

Traveling with your horse doesn’t have to be exhausting mentally or physically for either of you. Trailer rides can be enjoyable for your horse if you take the right amount of time to properly prepare. Whether going to a local show or taking your horse to an equine hospital, you need to plan ahead to avoid disaster. Make a check list of these traveling tips to get road ready!

  • Regular trailer and truck maintenance- Don’t wait until the last minute to change tires or check the floor boards. A detailed lookover of your vehicle and trailer is essential. You must also have the proper equipment on board to change a flat tire. Have a list of places to call in the event you become stranded and need help.
  • First-aid kit- Many horses are accident prone. Make sure to have a basic first-aid kit in the event of a medical emergency.
  • A phone charger- Your phone should be fully charged before you begin your trip, but it’s also advisable to have a car charger. These are especially helpful during longer trips. You never know when you might need to call for help.
  • Full tank of gas- Try to minimize stops by filling the truck up with fuel before you head out with the horse trailer.
  • Know your route- Even if you have a GPS or map, you need to study the route ahead of time. Technology can fail or mislead you; be prepared by knowing where you are going.
  • Avoid rush hour- If you have to travel through larger cities, plan for times with less traffic.
  • Load easy- Your horse should be able to load and unload off the trailer easily. Practice at home in preparation.
  • Left side- When traveling solo, your horse should be on the left side of the trailer to balance the weight.
  • Windows- Screens allow ventilation, but never allow your horse to put his head out the window.
  • Double check tack- All of your horse supplies should be loaded in advance and scanned over. Don’t forget anything for your big show or trail ride!

These tips can make a huge difference from a stressful horse trip to a more enjoyable one. Prepare for the worse and hope for the best!