Who's ready for a road trip?!……

Trailering your horse requires some planning! You must ensure your trailer and truck is safe and ready to go. Additionally, some horses need extra training on loading. Heartland actress and real-life equestrian, Amber Marshall has some valuable tips to make the process smooth and easy!

Helpful Trailering Tips

  • Make sure you horse is familiar with the process.
  • Keep your load balanced.
  • Load horses for easy access. If going to a show, which horse will you need first…
  • Fill hay nets and load your tack before your horse.
  • Hit the road as soon as your horse is loaded.
  • Invest in a patient trainer if you have a difficult-to-load horse.
  • Keep each experience positive. You may want to start feed a young horse in the trailer.

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Accidents and injuries can happen when trailering, so it’s important to be safe and smart about it!