Trainers Mustangs

The Extreme Mustang Makeover welcomes trainers and their newly acquired mustangs from all over the United States. There are three events coming up on the schedule. You won’t want to miss the action in Ocala (May 10-11), Lexington (June 20-22), or Forth Worth (January 23-25). Trainers have 100 days to transform a wild mustang into a willing partner.

Meet some of the folks who are up for the challenge!

Abbey Slaven with her 6-year-old sorrel mare, Lucy’s Golden Girl, gathered from Adobe Town, Wyoming will be competing in Ocala, Florida.

Holly Roe will be competing on a 6-year-old gray mare gathered from Divide Basin, Wyoming. She named the horse Soarin On Grace. Catch them in Ocala, Florida!

Craig Moore will be at Ocala, Florida with his 4-year-old chestnut mare gathered from Salt Wells Creek, Wyoming. Her name is Hay There Delilah.

Angelique Lopez will be competing in Ocala, Florida with The Governess a 4-year-old gray mare gathered from Adobe Town, Wyoming.

Katie Ketterhagen will be in Ocala, Florida with Sonora a 5-year-old chestnut mare gathered from Adobe Town, Wyoming.

Want to see more trainers that will be at the Extreme Mustang Makeover event? Check out this Instagram page: @extrememustangmakeover!