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Every ride can be used as a training session. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the arena or on the trails, you can still sharpen your horse’s skills. Riding in the wide open actually requires even more of your horse’s attention. There’s a lot more that could go wrong! Try these exercises to improve your horse’s training.

You’ll need a few riding buddies for these exercises. They’re great for young and experienced horses alike.

1st Exercise:

Find a big open space and get to work with your riding friends nearby. Start with simple exercises like softening and side passes. You want you horse to be comfortable outside the arena and with others.

2nd Exercise:

Continue to work in the open space, but have your riding friends separate more. Your horse should still be able to see them. Try to build up the distance between the group.

3rd Exercise:

Now, you can try coming and going with your horse. Help them to see it’s not a big deal to ride with the herd and alone.

Lisa Gentile from Weaver explains these training exercises on the trail in greater detail…

In time, your horse will become more confident wherever you ride!