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Guns, cowgirls, and horses it doesn’t get more exciting than that! Mounted Shooting is a fast growing sport that appeals to many riders. Like any new discipline, it’s important you take the time to properly learn the ins and outs. Mounted shooting has loud sounds and popping balloons, so your horse will definitely need some training before you jump in.

Training a Horse for Mounted Shooting

  1. How do they handle the environment? A good mounted shooting horse needs to be okay with loud sounds. You’ll want to get a feel for this before you start a run.
  2. Try a dry run. Trot your horse through the pattern and shoot the gun, but without any bullets. It’ll give you both an idea of what to expect.
  3. Follow a trained horse. Go slow at a trot and follow behind a seasoned horse as the rider shots and pops balloons.
  4. Lastly, shoot with a seasoned horse nearby. Now’s your turn, but make sure to have a pro next to you for support.

Check out these steps in action with Stacy Westfall’s video.

Who’s ready to give it a go? It’ll be lots of fun!