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Groundwork is essential! Without the proper training tools, you and your horse will struggle. Whether you’re creating a solid foundation on a young horse or refreshing an older one, groundwork is good for all ages. The right equipment will help you get the results you want.

I’ve personally had success with the Clinton Anderson line of equipment. The Downunder Shop offers quality products for those interested in natural horsemanship methods. There are a ton of other clinician grade tools on the market, as well. Remember, quality is important!

This stiff rope halter has knots strategically placed on the noseband. They apply pressure points on the horse’s nose. The thin 1/4 inch rope diameter prevents your horse from leaning into it.

Rope Halter, $39.99, Downunder Shop

This lead rope is 14 feet long and made out of marine yachting rope. It allows you to keep a safe distance from your horse. Furthermore, a weighed end makes it easy to twirl and toss around.

Lead Rope, $81.99, Downunder Shop

Give clear cues with the 4-foot long Handy Stick. It has an attachable string that’s 6 feet long. With or without the string, this training tool acts as an extension of your arm.

Handy Stick, $60.98, Downunder Shop

And lastly, your horse’s legs should be protected with boots. At the very least, you should use front ones. They offer maximum support and protection for the splint bone, tendons, and other soft tissues.

Classic Legacy Front Boots, $98.99, Downunder Shop

The right training tools can make a big difference!

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