Turquoise rings cowgirl magazine
Photos courtesy of @NuggetGallery on Instagram……

“Ring” in the New Year in style! Rings are like horses, you can never have just one, and they make your life a whole lot brighter! Good luck picking a favorite!

Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s this unique one-of-a-kind beauty!

What’s better than one turquoise stone? Two turquoise stones, of course!

They really are the cutest rings. They’re traditional without being basic!

This ring will definitely add an extra pop of color to your accessory collection!

Speaking of extra pops of color, we may need to switch it up from traditional turquoise more often!

How cute are these turquoise-accented cowboy hats?!

Wow, just wow!

The sky really is the limit when it comes to statement jewelry. Wanting something more classic? Here are some rings that will never go out of style!