Do you count down the days until summer? Is the ocean your happy place? Does your soul come alive in the sun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Coastal Cowgirl may be the perfect summer vibe for you!

What is Coastal Cowgirl? Imagine riding bareback down your favorite beach or wearing your favorite cotton shirt that smells of salty sea air. Throwing on your worn-in boots and straw hat to protect your face from endless hours in the sun. Bikinis and denim shorts and endless adventures on what feels like a forever vacation.

The Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic has picked up steam on social media for the girls who love Western fashion but don’t take summer too seriously. We love the idea of going back to the basics for warm weather and Western adventures!

Want to explore the Coastal Cowgirl vibe? Check out our mood board:


Falling in love with Coastal Cowgirl? Here are a few staples to get the look for yourself. Since this style goes back to basics, you probably have quite a few of these things in your closet already (YAY!) that can be styled in a new way.

Classic Denim – Your favorite shorts or worn in pair of relaxed jeans
Cotton & Linen – Stay cool in these lightweight, breathable fabrics
Loose Layers – Lightweight kimonos and beach wraps are packable and chic
Summer Hats – Go for a classic straw or palm leaf for an effortless, beach-y vibe
Cowboy Boots – A worn-in boot is comfortable and adds character to every look
Swimwear – Mix and match your favorite bikinis as tops or for your next beach day