El Vaquero Italy Boots Cowgirl Magazine
Photo courtesy of El Vaquero Italy.

In 1975, Valerio Giuntoli began the Italian boot sensation known as El Vaquero. Valerio’s company sports the finest custom-made Italian footwear inspired by hippie culture and artistic movements.

Thanks to a long career in the shoe industry, that Valerio started at the tender age of 17, each shoe is carefully crafted as a true piece of artwork.

“El Vaquero creations are born from my mind and they come alive with passion and the effort of our artisans, skilled shoemakers that breathe their precious knowledge in every new product, handling the smooth leather to create real masterpieces. The driving force behind the brand is the combination of this knowledge with the persistent research of new exclusive material, production techniques and suggestions from customers and collaborators.” -Valerio Giuntoli

These tall, moccasin-style fringe boots are the essence of boho hippy!

Which color is your favorite? Can I just order all of them?

Over the knee boots have grown very popular and have quickly become a staple in any good fashionista’s closet!

These Arya style boots are perfectly stylish and can instantly spruce up any outfit!

Now you definitely won’t see these walking down the street everyday; how unique!

To learn more about El Vaquero Italy, please visit the company Facebook or official website.