COWGIRL Magazine has always placed emphasis on the importance of embracing and celebrating the beautiful fashion and attitude that is associated with the western lifestyle.

For years, we’ve enjoyed sharing our favorite apparel and accessories with our audience, and we’ve pieced together stunning, inspirational clothing spreads. Now, we’ve decided to go one step forward in our love of cowgirl apparel… we’ve designed our very own clothing line!

The COWGIRL clothing line currently features five pieces comprised of four tanks and a crew neck tee. Several more styles are planned to hit the online store later this year.

Check out the entire line below, and then head over to the store to purchase your favorite looks.

It all started with the Cowpunchers Club! The COWGIRL Magazine design team sat down together to discuss different logos, sayings, and shirt styles. During one game-changing brainstorming session, the idea for this shirt was born.

A cowpuncher is a working cowboy or cowgirl who tends to cattle, and assists in traditional ranch duties. What could be a better, more fitting shirt for a hardworking cowgirl to wear?

Cowpuncher Club Tee, $32,

This shirt features the official saying of COWGIRL Magazine, “I am cowgirl.” This powerful statement embodies our belief that it’s important for cowgirls to be proud of their unique way of life.

I Am Cowgirl Tank, $32,

We at COWGIRL decided that this shirt was the perfect nod to the outlaw women and cowgirls of the past. Where would present day ranchers, ropers, and rodeo queens be without the ladies who paved the way for us?

Outlaw Cowgirl Tank, $32,

This fun tank-top is for the cowgirl with a wandering soul. It’s easy to look at this shirt and instantly imagine yourself being transported out onto an open plain, with only miles and miles of beautiful country in sight.

Roam If You Want To Tank, $32,

This sassy number is one of the first additions to our clothing line. We love that it’s fun yet tough, bold and perfect to wear in a variety of settings.

Cowgirls Don’t Miss Twice Tank, $32,

Photography by Ken Amorosano.

Models featured are Rhiannon Deremo- COWGIRL Magazine Fashion and Online Editor, and myself, Stacey Lorton- COWGIRL Magazine Social Content Manager.