Elizabeth Clymer with EC Equine Media……

If you are in the Western industry, then you need to pay attention to one girl and her vision. Elizabeth Clymer is the owner and operator of EC Equine Media. She has created a business that has rocked the Western industry on all forms of social media platforms.

“Zac 34” winning the 2021 Snaffle Bit Futurity ridden by Justin Wright
(Photo taken by: EC Equine Media)

Elizabeth’s background in reined cowhorses, and love for a camera collided when she created EC Equine Media. “I picked up my first camera when I was 15… My first full time client was Todd Crawford. I have been a Non Pro of Todd’s for 11 years, it was a great place to get my feet wet, and represent someone that I admired and respected,” says Clymer.

Her business platform has taken off rapidly. The company has had over 7 million shares in the past year and over 60 thousand followers across social media. “EC Equine Media is a much different experience. Because each project is specifically coordinated, produced, and marketed by me,” she explains. “[My clients] never have to go through a different photographer, designer, or videographer to have their dreams brought to life.”

Elizabeth Clymer Showing her bridle horse “Mister Dual Pepinic” (Photo taken by High Cotton Promotions)

EC Equine Media is different than the average content creator. She has a fine eye for detail and has incorporated style through social media platforms such as but not limited to TikTok, and Instagram. “Initially the business goal was to create a community of trainers, and equine businesses that can be represented on modern platforms. I wanted them to reach fans, and customers inside the industry,” says Clymer.

(Photo taken by: EC Equine Media)

But her aspirations have changed over the years. “I am not only striving to be a respected representative for each of my clients; but a light for the equine industry as a whole. I believe that equine sports in every discipline face’s backlash that could represent our industry in a negative way. My goal will always be to promote the love and passion for our sport and animals.”

EC Equine Media represents some of the top riders across the country. Elizabeth has been fortunate enough to not limit herself in any way. “I have clients in reining, cow horse, rope horse, and cutting trainers. As well as PRCA Professionals, NFR Contestants, ranches, and agencies.”

“I did not discover my real eye for video until 2018, when I was asked to film the Rodear Cowdog Association World Championships,” explains Clymer. “I was obsessed with the detail in the videos, and the expression of the dogs and cattle that could not be captured in a single photo.” These videos have gone viral, and are formatted in a way to appeal and entice the audience.

Her media can be found practically everywhere, from horse sales to websites, and even up in the sky on billboards. She’s making quite the splash in the industry doing what she loves with great clients and wonderful horses.