Trent Johnson’s Unmatched Passion For Hats

The man behind Greeley Hat Works opens up about his craft.

May 24, 2019

At Art of the Cowgirl in Arizona this spring, we got the chance to speak with Trent Johnson, the hatmaker at Greeley Hat Works, about his passion, his life, and the company’s story.

Full of quotable moments, the interview gave us time to get to know Trent as a man and as a hatmaker. He explains how Greeley was founded in 1909, and how he ended up with his dream job with the company.

When asked “Why hatmaking?” Trent responded, “I didn’t choose to be a hatmaker; it chose me.” He goes on to tell about how much of his spare time as an apprentice was spent in the hat shop, and how he “just knew that that’s what [he] wanted to do.”

His love for hats translates to art. Greeley hats are known for their quality, craftsmanship, and unique designs, allowing them to collaborate with many companies including Double D Ranch.

Hear Trent’s story in his full interview.

For more about Trent or to shop his hats, visit the Greeley Hat Works website.

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