Tuf Cooper trevor Brazile cowgirl magazine

Miles Baker took to Facebook to share a fond memory and something he witnessed between Tuf Cooper and Trevor Brazile. Even World Champions still ask for help. …from the 24-time World Champion of course.

“I remember several years back I was at Trevor’s house in Decatur, Texas roping. I was a college kid trying to soak up any knowledge anyone would give me about roping, horses, cattle, horsemanship, anything. I just wanted to be better. I had an opportunity to hang out with someone that could teach me something. I was thankful for the opportunity and I was going to get better that day, but I wasn’t the only one. Tuf Cooper came trotting up Trevor’s driveway and he was coming to get better too. He had just won another gold buckle in the tie down the previous year. I sat on my horse and watched as Trevor coached him. A world champion who at the time had 3 gold buckles already. He looked at Trevor straight in the eye and listened to every word he said and replied with “yes sir” every time he was given advice. He asked questions that I truly think he knew the answer to, but he asked them in a way that was like a reminder to himself to keep doing what’s right. I never imagined a 3 time world champ would take advice from someone with the same respect as a 15 year old kid getting shooting lessons from Lebron James. He wasn’t there that day to get some reps in, he was there to learn just like I was. Even after reaching the ultimate goal he was taking in knowledge just like I was as a kid who hadn’t accomplished hardly anything. It was probably the most valuable lesson I’ve learned in life. If you quit learning, you’ve peaked out. You will never get better without asking questions, listening, and learning. I’m far from good at anything and farther from being where I want to be, but I know I will get there because I’ve seen first hand what it takes to be the best at something. The best in the world never quit learning, asking questions, or taking advice. Moral of the story; listen and learn. It may help you and it may not. Nothing will help you if you aren’t willing to learn though.” -Miles Baker

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