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Lil Bee’s Bohemian just announced stock of these hair-on-hide triangle bags, which made us wonder: are triangle bags going to be the new round bags?

Round bags—especially crossbodies—grew in popularity last year. Super cute. Super trendy. Turns out, their trend timeline was longer than average. Round bags are still very much in style.

Now, 2020 has brought Lil Bee’s Bohemian’s new triangle bags…is there a new shape in town?

Apart from these ones from Lil Bee’s, it’s hard to find triangle bags on the market right now. With that being said, Lil Bee’s always seems to be on top of current and upcoming trends. Kelli Tracy, owner of LBB, was right on top of the striped bells trend, and has already called Fall 2020 as Western retro.

We can’t help but think that Kelli is on top of of this trend, too! Just try and tell us these bags aren’t totally cute. You can’t.