Trick Riding

Trick riding was introduced into the Netflix series ‘Spirit Riding Free’ in season two. The TV show may be geared toward younger children, but trick riding is for horse lovers of all ages! These fans decide to take a few lessons from a pro. Join in the fun!

What is trick riding?

Acrobatic stunts performed on the back of a galloping horse. These acts can be performed at rodeos, circuses, and various horse shows. The sport isn’t limited to a certain breed of horse, but temperament is important.

The best way to get started with trick riding is to invest in riding lessons. Once you feel comfortable in the saddle, look for a pro to give you specific instructions on performing the various maneuvers. It’s not recommended to go at this alone!

Some basic tricks!

  1. The Lay-up: You lie straight across the horse in this stunt
  2. The Hippodrome: Stand up in the saddle by putting your feet in special straps
  3. The Drag: Dang upside down in the saddle

Are you interested in seeing them performed? Watch this video for an explanation on how to do these tricks.

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