Cowgirl - Trick


Often seen in rodeo events, trick riders are known for their heart stopping performances. Fancy costumes, galloping horses, and blaring music make this event crowd pleasing. In earlier times, cowgirls and cowboys competed in such events for prize money. While trick riding is no longer competitive, it can still be seen at shows across the world. There are even schools that train riders for performances.

During a trick riding performance, a horse will normally sustain a full gallop as the rider performs tricks aboard his back. They can range from flipping and hanging to swinging around in the saddle. Classic stunt names include the hippodrome, fender, and tail drags. A special saddle is used.

PC: Pikes Peak Saddlery

This sport is physically demanding and also requires balance, poise, and style. The horse and rider must have an excellent bond. Professionals must routinely exercise and stretch to stay in shape for shows. They also prepare costumes, check equipment, and polish the stunts they will preform. They all have one thing in common, a love of pleasing the crowds.

There are a handful of schools across the United States that offer training to trick riders. They even accept beginners. Those that just want to try the sport can perform easier maneuvers at slower gaits. Red Top Ranch in Colorado offers 3-day mini schools for those that want to try their hand at trick riding. With two instructors that have over 40 years of experience, attendees receive top notch lessons from real professionals. Find more instructors at Rodeo Trick Rider.

Whether you just enjoy watching the trick riding performances or actually want to try it, there’s plenty of opportunity to experience this daring sport.