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Trick roping is a real crowd-pleaser. Rodeo fans enjoy watching cowboys and cowgirls twirl their ropes in unique patterns. Not everyone can keep the rope moving smooth and effortlessly though, it takes some real talent! If you want to woo your friends, then try learning this fun trick.

Types of Roping Tricks

Flat Loop: A horizontal loop with a spin. The size, spin speed, and direction can be changed throughout to keep it interesting. Some even do it aboard a horse.

Vertical Loop: As the name implies, the rope will spin in a vertical loop.

Butterfly: A bit more challenging, the Butterfly is a vertical loop that passes from the right to left side of the roper.

If you’re interested in learning the Butterfly, then watch this tutorial with Dan Mink.

Other more complicated tricks include a Merry-Go-Round, Spoke Jumping, Wedding Ring, Texas Skip, Zig-Zag, Ocean Wave, and more! You’ll need to find a teacher or invest in a good book to learn those, though.