When most people think of Roy Rogers, they probably picture him riding a pretty palomino horse, known affectionately as Trigger. While there are many horses who have rose to fame, Trigger is one of the most iconic. He was rode by Roy Rogers after all!

Regardless of if you are well acquainted with this famous horse or not, I guarantee you’ll learn something new from these informative facts about Trigger.

1) Trigger had multiple stunt doubles:

While Trigger himself was credited in 82 movies and 100 television episodes, another horse known as Little Trigger was sometimes featured in his place. Additionally, a horse known as Trigger Jr. filled in for “Old Man” Trigger when necessary.

2) The original Trigger was a stallion:

While Trigger was a stallion, he never once bred.

3) He was known as the smartest horse in the movie industry:

There is a reason that Trigger was in as many films and television episodes as he was. This horse had a large library of stunts up his sleeve.

4)  Trigger was born with a different name:

The beloved Trigger was once known as “Golden Cloud.” Don’t you think his original name was a lot less fitting for a western film star?

Now that you know more about Trigger, spend a weekend, let’s be honest, it will take lots of weekends, watching all of Roy Roger’s films. See if you can spot the difference between the original “Old Man” Trigger and his doubles!