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Christmas in a Cup by Trisha Yearwood.

Trisha Yearwood is a household name, due to her success as a country music singer. However, this famous vocalist is well known for her other endeavours as well, such as having some incredible home good lines, and popular cookbooks.

The latest release by Mrs. Yearwood is a holiday-themed cocktail mixer that is guaranteed to make your Christmas beverages amaz-za-zing.

The mixer features a combination of pomegranate and cranberry juice, and boasts hints of tangerine and lime. That really does sound like Christmas in a Cup! Trisha hit the nail on the head when she gifted her product with that name.

The mix is nonalcoholic, so it can be paired with a beverage such as sparkling ice to stay kid friendly, or it can be easily turned into an adult beverage with the addition of vodka. The choice is yours!

If you’d like to have a little Christmas in a Cup this holiday season, purchase the mixer at Williams Sonoma.