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Left photo courtesy of @tristintindallrsnbsn on Instagram. Right photo courtesy of @jena.knowles on …

Have you or your cowboy won more tack than you know what to do with? Do you have that trophy saddle that is just too gorgeous to ride in? Too many spurs and not enough boots? Take advantage of their beauty and use them to decorate your house!

The living room is the perfect dust-free environment to keep your prized saddle. It might just be the best seat in the house!

Boots and bridles go together like peanut butter and jelly! Hang all the bridles you’ve won above your boots in your mudroom.

Do you have a pair of chaps that mean the world to you? Were they the first pair you tooled or the ones worn by your grandpa? Show those puppies off by hanging them in your room!

Show off all your accomplished goals to your children and raise them right by adding your memories to their nursery!

How cute is this idea by Jena Knowles!? She hung all their trophy spurs on a wooden ladder for decoration in their living room. A great way to show off all those spurs!

Add your back numbers to any room to relive all of those memories out on the road.

Or even better, sew them onto the back of the barstools in your kitchen. Talk about a conversation piece!

Using your trophy tack to decorate your house is a great way to preserve those memories, add an unique touch to your home, and take advantage of the winning!