Dressage is for all types of riders and horses. It doesn’t matter if you ride it with an English or western saddle. The benefits are numerous! The word dressage means “training of animals” in french. It’s an amazing way to teach your horse how to properly move and carry themselves.

These benefits will surely amaze you!

Benefits for the Horse

  • Improves balance, carriage, and straightness
  • Greater flexibility and overall suppleness
  • Steadier rhythm in each gait
  • Horse learns to work from their hindquarters
  • Develops a strong topline
  • Available for any breed of horse
  • Better partnership and more willing attitude

Benefits for the Rider

  • Learn to effectively communicate with your horse
  • Improve your position and aids
  • Fun tests that challenge the level your at
  • Community of fellow riders

Western dressage can be for the everyday rider or incorporated into your regular riding schedule. You and your horse can progress through the levels at your own pace. Once you start seeing the benefits firsthand, you won’t want to stop!

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