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Tuf Cooper had an unfortunate roping accident while on the rodeo trail and had to have corrective surgery.

“I had the opportunity to get my hand looked at by Dr. Chance Henderson in Colorado Springs. He is one of the best hand specialist in the business and he’s a calf roper on top of that. Pretty awesome to have a surgeon that understands how the injury happened and how to fix it, so that I can start competing soon and still heal properly.

“Dr. Henderson ended up doing surgery on my finger to place a screw in the fractured part and fix the nail bed. Crazy a tiny little thing like the tip of your finger would need this much attention but fingers are important for what we do. Glad I got to keep mine. The other lacerations were pretty superficial just needed a few stitches so it shouldn’t be too long till i’m back at it. Thank you for all the support and prayers. Rodeo has the best fans in the world.

“Big thank you to Dr. Henderson for reaching out to have me stop in to see him and taking great care of me.” -Tuf Cooper

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