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What To Wear To Tuf & Tif’s Wild West Wedding


What To Wear To Tuf & Tif’s Wild West Wedding Here's hoping Wyatt and Josie Earp are proud!

tuf tif Wild West wedding cowgirl magazine

Tuf & Tif tied the knot! Trailblazers that they are, they did it a little bit different than normal. They had a Wild West wedding, and everyone there looked like they just stepped out of the Tombstone movie!

The folks from American Hat Company went all out for their World Champion All Around Cowboy and his beautiful bride!

Top hats and feathers galore were definitely encouraged!

Can you say GOALS? Soni Clifford and Vandon Vest absolutely killed the costume game!

Clif and Terryn Cooper weren’t playing around with their ensembles either!

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Wedding ready! 💃🏼🎉💍

A post shared by Jessie Jarvis (@mrsjjarv) on

Fashion icon in her own right, Jessie Jarvis dressed her outfit up with a tutu!

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Wedding ready❤️ 💒 👰🏻 🤵🏻

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How darling are Shada Brazile and her girls?

Check out Tuf and Tif’s Wild West wedding engagement photos here!


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