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In any career, one of the most important things is having someone in your life who you look up to and respect. Someone who helps you grow and develop your craft. For Nashville-based singer/songwriter Paige King Johnson, she found her mentor in successful country artist and Grand Ole Opry member, Pam Tillis.

From directing her music videos to styling and photography, Pam has been there to offer guidance and a creative eye. “Getting the chance to grow and learn from a legend like Pam has been one of the biggest blessings in my career over the last 4 years,” Paige praises. “I’m so grateful for all the mentoring she has been willing to share with me & am excited for how our relationship will continue to grow! I’m so grateful for how close Pam and I have become over the years, with our relationship changing from just business at the beginning to her becoming more like a big sister in country music. She’s helped me so much more than she knows just by helping me find myself as an artist.”

Take a behind the scenes look at the relationship between Paige and Pam!

As for Pam, she finds it so rewarding to be able to help the next generation. “It’s such a great feeling to mentor the next generation of talents, offering a leg up, and all round general cheerleading for the lights of tomorrow in the same way as many of my heroes did for me.”

She continues, “From the start, I was impressed with Paige’s talent, focus, spirituality, inner and outer beauty.  I just saw her as the whole package and worthy of my time. It’s been a blast to see her grow by leaps and bounds.”

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