There are a few staple have to have pieces when starting your turquoise jewelry collection. You can’t go wrong with any turquoise, but you definitely don’t want to miss out on pieces like these!

A squash blossom is one of the obvious choices when starting your turquoise collection!

But for on the days where you want to keep it a little more simple, this little turquoise pendant is perfect.

Before you start collecting all those big chunky rings, get a little something that you can wear on the daily for a small pop of color.

Don’t just settle for a plain watch band when you can have one dripping in turquoise from Wild Horse Watchin’ Bands!

These dainty studs can be worn on any given day, or pairs with something larger!

Bonus! These Navajo Pearls from Hippie Cowgirl Couture aren’t exactly turquoise, but they look perfect when you pair them together!