Photo taken by K.B. Elise photography ……

Robin Lombard is the definition of cowgirl with her turquoise jewelry line to her fine cow horses and everything in between. She is the offspring of a team roping father and a hippie mother. The love of horses came from her father and the love of nature and art came from her mother. Now she gets to share her wild Western ways with her own kids in beautiful Pueblo, Colorado.

Photo taken by, K.D. Elise photography

Thinking fondly back to her days spent at jackpots late at night, she says, “I used to fall asleep in the card ride home after riding my dad’s horse around in between runs and loving every minute of it.” She grew up sharing her father’s head horse and showing him in the local shows. “I entered her in Showmanship and Horsemanship,” she recalls. “Her mane was roached and her tail didn’t pass her hocks, but she looked pretty good for a bath and some scissors.”

Her love for working at success was something she was hooked on from a young age. “I was out-horsed by a lot, but that never seemed to bother me,” she says. Showing at club 4-H shows turned into Quarter Horse Shows, and later she attended Colorado State University in Pueblo and competed on their rodeo team. Today, she spends her time showing rope horses and Cowhorse at Quarter Horse Shows. Robin ropes both ends and has enjoyed her cow horses over the years. Roping at home with her husband and son are some of her favorite moments.

In 2019, Robin started a new chapter in her life: going to silversmith school and getting a crash course. She came home and opened up for business. Her number one focus for her jewelry company is making pieces that can be worked in and lived in. She says, “When I was showing a lot, I would lose jewelry all the time because it was so heavy. I try to make lightweight but still strong pieces for the everyday cowgirl.”

Her style is a mix of modern trendy and old school. “I love looking at the new jewelry that is being put out in magazines, but I also love the old classic bit and spur makers.”

The outcome is a twist of both classic and ageless for the every day hand. “I love making brand necklaces,” she says. “Peoples’ brands are so special to them and they hold so much history, it is really special for me to make them.”

Her jewelry is worn and represented in the arena by some of the nations top hands. “I’ve made necklaces for Lari Dee Guy, Stevi Hillman, as well as Erin Johnson,” she says proudly. Erin Johnson has been wearing and sporting her Mod West Jewelry at the last few National Finals Of Breakaway. Every piece is one of a kind. This isn’t a full time job for Robin, however. First, she is a mother, a wife, and then an entrepreneur.