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Turquoise Ear Cuffs Are All The Rage


Turquoise Ear Cuffs Are All The Rage Would you rock this trend?

turquoise ear cuffs cowgirl magazine

Turquoise ear cuffs. Left picture courtesy of @kotah.bear, right picture courtesy of @prairieskyjewelryco.

Turquoise ear cuffs are a highly popular fashion trend, and it’s not hard to see why! They add the perfect pop of color to any outfit. They’re also a little bit edgy! Switch up your jewelry and wear a cuff on one ear and a different assortment of earrings on the other ear.

Loving how all of these match and compliment each other!

Love this picture @freepeople took of my Turquoise Ear Cuff! 😍😍

A post shared by Paloma Stipp (@paloma_stipp) on

These are a little bit more funky since they don’t all match, but that’s okay!

Remember when I said they give you an edgy look?

Ah, that perfect pop of color. The turquoise ear cuff perfectly completes any look!

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