Styling and photography by Native Roaming; Hair and makeup by Diana Rose - Something Ginger; modeled…

For the western or boho bride, turquoise is a must. By adding pops of your favorite shade you can infuse style and personality into your special day..


Use boots and hats to feature the color in an unexpected, yet simple way.


Duh! Throw on vintage and modern turquoise pieces for a unique mix of old and new. If you’re a go-big-or-go-home kind of gal, it’s your time to shine.


If your horse is part of your big day or even just the photo shoot, grab some turquoise tack for the occasion! This halter features subtle turquoise weaving.

The Groom

Make your honey part of the turquoise party with a turquoise suit.  This groom’s attire is dark turquoise to add some color variation, and his tie is red to match the rustic floral arrangements.